How does one learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System?

Learning to use the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System requires attending a series of teaching sessions with a trained FertilityCare Practitioner or FCP Intern. These practitioners are specifically trained in NaproEducation, a 13-month Allied Health Education Program, which insures their ability to deliver quality instruction, teach the System in its entirety, and address the client’s individual needs.

To begin, a client/client couple schedules and then attends an Introductory Session, (slide presentation), which is an overview of the use and applications of the system. The presentation lasts one hour, followed by time for questions, distribution of educational materials, and scheduling of the first follow-up.

Adhering to the organized follow-up schedule is paramount to the client/client couple learning the system and quickly gaining confidence in its use for their needs. Although the educational system is standardized, each client couple receives individual attention at each follow-up. It is at the time of the follow-up sessions that the instruction in the use of the Creighton Model System is accomplished.

Following the Intro Session, there are generally eight follow-ups in the first year, although this scheduled may be tailored to your individual situation. The first four follow-ups are each two weeks apart, the fifth is one month later, and the remaining three are each three months apart. This schedule can be adjusted according to the client’s individual needs. After the first year, when the client/couple is comfortable and confident in using the system, a follow-up is attended every six months. Follow-up is also available any time the couple’s needs change. The Practitioner is available for questions/guidance in the interim.

If you are unsure if Creighton Model is for you, call us or email us with your questions and/or schedule to attend an Intro Session. There is no obligation to commit to follow-ups unless you decide to use the system.

We strongly encourage husbands and fiancés to attend every meeting possible, but it is not required. It is highly recommended that he attend the Introductory Session so that he can also have a basic understanding of the system.

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