Building the NaPro Workforce of the Future

After years of planting seeds, fruit is blossoming. Four area health care professionals have completed their training in  NaProTechnology with Dr. Thomas Hilgers at the Pope Paul VI Institute (PPVI) in Omaha and have chosen to remain in our area.  Alexandria DeRose, a nurse practitioner from Chester county, completed her training as a medical consultant and fertility care practitioner in April of this year. Dr. Delia Larrauri, an ob/gyn from Montgomery County, completed her training at the same time. Barbara Rose, a certified fertility care practitioner and nurse practitioner in Montgomery County completed her training as a medical consultant  in 2016.  Monique Ruberu MD, a local ob/gyn and nationally known 40 Days for Life coordinator changed her medical practitce to one that was fully life affirming,  adding NaProTechnology  in 2015.

The Friends of FertilityCare-Philadelphia continues its outreach to medical, nursing and other health care students.  The annual fundraiser helps to support scholarships for health professionals to attend the educational programs at the Pope Paul VI Institute.  We are pleased to announce that Normandy Farms in Montgomery County has been selected as the venue for the 38th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals scheduled for July 17-20, 2019.  The Annual Meeting offers practitioners, medical consultants, and NaProTechnology physicians an opportunity to share research, earn CME/CEU's  and build professional relationships. A successful Annual Meeting willl require the support of the local community, including participation and sponsorship from organizations that share the mission and ethics of the AAFCP. For more details  go to: