Dr. Monique Ruberu's talk at Olde St. Andrew's Church in Newtown on June 18, 2015

Download: Dr_Monique_talk_061815.mp3

Dr. Monique Ruberu's Q&A after talk on June 18, 2015

Download: Dr_Monique_Q_A_061815.mp3

Bob Motley's interview with Dr. Brian McDonough (13:59)

Download: McDonough_Motley_06022014.mp3

The following are recordings from the conference entitled: “Innovations in Women’s Health Care: Approaches to infertility, PMDD, pelvic pain and other reproductive health problems" held in Philadelphia on September 13, 2008 and co-sponsored by the Friends of FertilityCare. The main speakers were Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers, founder of NaProTechnology, and Dr. Jean Golden Tevald, a Creighton Medical Consultant practicing in New Jersey.

Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers – (57:43)

Download: Hilgers1001.mp3

Dr. Hilgers Intro – (8:19)

Download: Hilgers1002.mp3

Questions – (9:20)

Download: Hilgers1003.mp3

2nd Presentation Intro – (3:42)

Download: Hilgers1005.mp3

Dr. Jean Golden - Tevald – (60:00)

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