Our journey to start a family began in 2011.  We were like ever other couple out there thinking that beginning our family would be a breeze.  Little did we know the path ahead of us. We “tried” from June until December of that year.  At that point, I realized it was time for some guidance.  In March of 2012, we went to a fertility doctor and I went through the necessary blood work and tests, which showed I would need a polyp removed.  That surgery took place in May of that year.  After, the doctor shared there was nothing to stop us.  However, months went by with no such luck, which brought the doctor to prescribe medication in November of the same year, which caused me to break out in hives like chicken pox.  It was time to change paths. 

Through amazing friends, we came across NaPro Technology and met with our Fertility Care Practitioner, Barbara Rose in December.  She explained the program in detail and gave us hope in finding the reasoning behind our failings.  With the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, I was no longer a person who was supposed to fit a mold.  I was being seen as the individual I was who had specific reasons for not conceiving that needed to be treated. 

In February of 2013, we met with Dr. Jean Golden-Tevald.  She was able to share with me from my chart that I had a progesterone deficiency and most likely endometriosis.  After going through the blood work and ultrasounds, it was evident that was the case.  In April, Dr. Kyle Bieter performed my surgery and discovered Stage 1 endometriosis, which was removed.  After my surgery, each month was about tweaking the supplements I needed to support my body to conceive, and through the grace of God, we conceived our son in May of 2014. 

Our journey was not easy but with the knowledge and support of the amazing NaPro doctors, staff and FertilityCare Practitioners we believed we would have our family and now we are complete.  We could never display enough gratitude for the greatest gift we have been given, our son. 

May God bless you on your journey!